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Weigh Anchor Tarot

I believe in the power of tarot readings as a form of consistent and productive self-care. The ability to reflect on our lives and speak to someone with objective eyes allows us an opportunity for new perspective.

I published the Weigh Anchor Tarot Spread Book to be used as a tool for readers to focus their readings and become intentional with their tarot practice. I have spent my career in tarot working as a reader and an educator, bridging the gap between the spiritual and the psychological.

About Me

I approach tarot as an opportunity for goal-setting, problem solving, and mindset coaching. I believe in the spiritual coming together with the psychological through the forum of tarot.



I’ve had multiple online readings with Veronica. Each time she stuns me with her knowledge and intuition as she reads the cards, no matter the distance between us. The cards always hit me in the feels, sometimes as a hard truth; other times as a lovely reminder. I highly recommend getting a tarot reading from Veronica.

Had a beautiful reading with Veronica. She really helped me focus on what’s necessary in my life. Was very thorough and made it very easy to understand. She went in great detail about each cards meaning and the overall picture. Loved getting a reading from her and I will be back in the future to do another one! Thank you Veronica 💕



I absolutely LOVED the reading that Veronica did for me. What she showed me in the cards seemed to open my eyes on what’s going on in my life, what I’ve been through and what I want to work on for the future. The way she was able to do the reading with pictures and messages was amazing since we’re nowhere near each other. Overall it was a fun and amazing experience that definitely left me thinking with a lot to reflect on.

Veronica’s readings are on point, insightful, and all around enjoyable! Beautiful cards with different emphasis options, and the audio makes the reading that much more personable. Highly recommend!





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