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Order a hard cover copy of the Weigh Anchor Tarot Spread Book, 78 unique spreads for tarot readers! Purchase includes a downloadable and searchable PDF copy of the book.


Whether you are a professional tarot reader seeking to deepen your understanding of the tarot, are learning tarot for the first time, or are simply seeking unique and practical tarot spreads, the spreads found within this book will be an invaluable tool for your tarot journey.


The Weigh Anchor Tarot Spread Book includes a tarot spread based around every card in a standard tarot deck. “Anchor cards” are the heart of each spread — single, predetermined cards contextualized in a framework to explore their deeper meanings. Each spread is designed to strengthen your knowledge of tarot while focusing your intention around these specific anchor cards.


Veronica VanZeipel is a tarot reader and educator with a Master of Education from the University of Washington. In her own work, she uses anchor cards to read tarot through a practical lens as a tool for both self care and self empowerment. 

Hard Cover - Weigh Anchor Tarot Spread Book

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